Gorynych Botnet / DiamondFox Botnet

- Protection: VMProtect
- Builder language: VB6 P-Code

Fixed Task viewer viariable issue
Fixed dangerous upload vulnerability on C&C
Fixed Logout issue on the C&C
Fixed Keylogger and update function issue
Added installation options on the bot builder
Added ramdom logo on the C&C login
Added HKCU startup method
Added Winlogon Startup Method
Added custom install name
Added %TEMP% installation dir
Added %WINDIR% installation dir
Added %PROGRAMFILES% installation dir
Added optional melt function
Added startup persistance option
Added automatic keylogger installation option
Added automatic PoS grabber installation option
Added automatic grabbers option
Added harder anti-crack methods on the bot builder
Removed feedback tab


  • Download and execute (in memory) 
  • Download and execute (on disk) 
  • Open website (Visible) 
  • Open website (Hidden) 
  • UDP Flood 
  • HTTP Flood 
  • Enable / Disable Host Editor 
  • Enable / Disable PoS Grabber 
  • Spam with bots (inbox)
  • Bitcoin Wallet Stealer
  • Facebook / Twitter Message spread
  • Firefox homepage changer
  • Enable / Disable Keylogger 
  • Take screenshot 
  • Password Grabber (Chorme, Firefox, Opera, IExplore, Safari) 
  • FTP Grabber (Filezilla) 
  • Instant Messaging Password Grabber
  • Grab EMAIL, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP 
  • Update bot 
  • Uninstall

Builder Options:

  • Fallback panel.
  • Custom Connection time.
  • Encrypted connections.
  • Encrypted data inside the bot.
  • Custom User-agent. 
  • Anti-Sysanalizer. 
  • Anti-VirtualBox. 
  • Anti-VMWare. 
  • Anti-Anubis. 
  • Anti-OllyDBG. 
  • Disable Regedit. 
  • Anti-Sandboxie. 
  • Anti-Norman. 
  • Anti-Researchers.
  • Anti-Malwr.com. 
  • Anti-Wine. 
  • Disable Taskmanager. 
  • USB Spread. 
  • Spread Dropbox. 
  • File Extention Selector
  • User Acount Control Forcer.
  • Custom install name
  • Custom install path
  • HKCU startup method
  • Winlogon startup method
  • Startup folder method
  • Optional melt function
  • Startup persistance
  • Automatic keylogger installation
  • Automatic Point-Of-Sales grabber installation
  • Automatic grabbers routine

Extra Info:

  • Very stable connection.
  • Random Access Memory plugins execution
  • Works with any crypter.
  • Lite Ring3 RootKit (Hide registry keys).
  • No need dependencies.
  • Detect IP, country, antivirus, firewall, cpu, gpu, ram, memory, disk, user, PC name, hwid, software architecture and status. 
  • Ability to send individual commands for each bot. 
  • Ability to select the bots by country, status, by type or all.
  • Statistics. (Map, reports, status, operating system, host status, keylogger status, PoS status, System Architecture, antivirus and firewall) 
  • Real-time Connection Notifications.
  • Communication between the bot and the panel are encrypted. 
  • Spam is made for bots, not by the webpanel.
  • Based on plugins so more features will be added in the future.
  • Working on all OS. (XP, vista, 7, 8, 8.1) (We are starting support for Windows X)

Price :- 300$ 

Files Panel + Builder + Other Files 


Jabber :- z3r0@exploit.im

Yahoo :- internet.zer0@yahoo.com

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Fake Hack 2 World And Fake Joe Root


FAKE LINK :- http://haack2world.blogspot.com/


FAKE LINK :- https://plus.google.com/110441606376663800417/posts


YAHOO ID :- Y.Sonic@yahoo.com
GMAIL EMAIL :- Genius.Progs@gmail.com



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Website We Are Going To Be Focused On Today : WALMART


How Walmart Dectects Fraud :

This System Is Still Being Used In 2013 [Was Fraud Specialist For Walmart Fraud Department] 

STRIKE 1 Billing Info Mismatch (E.g Wrong Street Number/Zip Code/Billing Phone Number) 

STRIKE 2 IP Does Not Match Credit Card Billing State, Or Socks5/Proxie/VPN Has Been DDcarder
(Yes Walmart Security Systems Detects This) 

STRIKE 3 Shipping Address Is Different From Billing Address
[No Way To Avoid This As Long As You Don't Have Strike 1 OR Strike 2 Your Order Will Ship]

================================================== ========================

Step One [GET A GOOD CVV *MASTERCARD*] : You Will Need To Get A Good Credit Card With A High Validity Rate , In Order For Walmart To 100% Ship To Your Drop The Credit Card Billing Address Must Match 100% And So Must The Billing Phone Number. That Way You Don't Cause Any Alerts [SEE STRIKE 1]. Selecting The Right Credit Card Type Is Extremely Important. Cross Out Visa Because Walmart Has Verified By Visa Systems. Amex Sometimes Work But It's 50/50. I Recommend Using Master Card Gold/Plat/Biz/Corp Cards. Once You Have A Good CC Move On To Step 2.

Step Two [Getting A RDP] : Although Some People Can Argue That They Carded Walmart With Socks5 , They Just Got Lucky In Order To Insure That They 100% Ship Your Order. You Must Get A RPD Matching The Credit Card Billing State.(RPD - REMOTE DESKTOP THAT YOU CAN CONTROL). Once You Get A RDP Move To Step 3.


Step Three [EMAIL AND WALMART ACCOUNT] : Create A New Email Account (Yahoo/Hotmail) Make Email Contain Credit Card Holder Name (E.g "1stName.Lastname938@live.com"). After You Have Created The Email Go To Walmart.com Make A Account , Once You Have A Account Click On The My Account Option And Then Click My Payment Option And Click Add New Card. (Add The CVV You Are Going To Use) Once Card Has Been Added Sign Out , Clear Cookies. Once That Is Done Go Back To Walmart.com. After You Have Done This Move To Step Four (Last Step)/ 


Step Four [Carding INFO/Limit] : Once You Have Completed Step Three Select What You Want To Card 
Keep Under $700 (Anything Above 700 Will Go Under Manuel Verification). Once In Cart Click Checkout , It Will Prompt You To Login , Login Using The Account You Created Then It WIll Prompt You To Enter You Shipping Address (In This Case You Drop Info) Make Sure That When You Enter Drop Name The Last Name Matches The Credit Card Holders Last Name! (E.g CC Holder Name : Kurupt.ru , Wilson , Your Drop Name Will Be Name , Wilson) Select The Fastest Shipping Method Card It And Your Done. (Don't Forget Your Doing All This On The RPD Matching CVV STATE)
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Working Method To Cashout Dumps (USA)

1. buy dumps

2. encode plastic

3. go to a store that sells prepaid visa gift cards grab a prepaid visa or mastercard

4. make sure the store has the self swipe credit card terminal so you swipe the card yourself)

5. purchase prepaid visa or mastercard gift card

6. walk out store

7. go to another store that sells money orders and will allow you to pay via DEBIT for a money order

8. buy money order using your prepaid visa/mastercard gift cards, they will allow wyou to split the order and pay with multiple gift cards (usually up to 4 cards) you will need to have set PIN numbers to use as debit on the cards you have purchased ie: the pre paid visa cards you just purchased with the dump.

9. get money order and leave store

10. go cash money order at local check cashing store or even by returning to a similar store as the one your purchased it at. for instance if you purchased the money order at walmart , walmart will cash their own money orders...
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Amazon Refund Methods 2015 + Insider Knowledge

Quote:Let us start from the basics, and NO! NO skipping ahead. If you won't read the basics, you will not have any understanding of the advanced methods.

Method #1 - " I didn't receive the package "

The most common method or excuse that will get you whatever you want if it's below $100 - $300. Go to chat or phone (phone is overkill if you use this method), tell them "hey rep, I have a problem with this order. I didn't receive it" The rep will most likely refund it right away or send a replacement, or maybe after asking you if you checked with your neighbours and family members, which in this case just say you already did, or you don't have family members.

Pros: Easy and basic.

Cons: You can't really use these on large items (by size) or expensive items starting from $700+ without getting into an investigation.

Method # 2 - " I receive nothing inside the package "

Only use this method when in the tracking, or when you receive it, the item was "SIGNED" upon receiving. This will get you from $100 - $500 or depending upon the level of the rep. The rep will ask for an investigation WITH the carrier, but before he can do that, tell the rep that you "already called the carrier, and they told me it they didn't do anything and it was already like that when they delivered it" When they ask if the package was tampered or not, tell them it is perfectly sealed and no tampering.

Pros: If method #1 doesn't work for you, this will.

Cons: They will most likely attempt to do an investigation, depending upon the price and the rep.

Method #3 --- [Improved Method for Method #2]

Just say basically the same thing, except, mention that you receive the package, with your name and labels on it, your address, the item name, etc. But when you opened you only got the packaging paper and the INVOICE.

Pros: More believable method than method #2, as the rep will think that this must be a problem in the warehouse and the packaging department forgot to put the item inside.

Cons: same, but less likely to be investigated compared to method #2.

Method #4 --- " I didn't receive my item, but received a wrong one in the package"

NEVER screw this up since it's difficult to backtrack your mistake. Only do this when you know what you are doing. If you tell them you received a wrong item, THEY WILL MOST LIKELY ask you to return that item. You don't want that do you?

So how will this method work? Tell them you received an item that is not allowable or prohibited to be shipped by a carrier and accepted by Amazon. What are those? Dangerous stuff but realistic stuff.

[These are the list of items prohibited by Amazon in 2010, just before I quit working there. This may be updated already and the list might be outdated but its still the basics. Most of these are also prohibited by the carrier]

Broken glasses - say you received a perfume bottle but its broken and shattered. Also, you could say you got wine bottles or anything.

Liquid fuel - say you got a small canister of butane, or lighter fluid. You asked the carrier for it to be sent back, but they refuse.

Flares/explosive stuff - say you got these and the carrier refused to ship them back.

A bunch of batteries - same thing

Sulphur - same.

etc... I know you get what I mean now. SHARP, POISONOUS, EXPLOSIVE, FLAMMABLE materials. These are classified as HAZMAT. ACT worried and pissed off.

Also, your son/daughter OPENED the package and you are really worried with what might have happened.

bottomline, convince them that the item cannot be returned, and you disposed them immediately. Tell them that you have already reported this to amazon too that they endangered your family. You can also say you received a few bricks (proceed to method #5)

Pros: worked for me most of the time when all methods fail.

Cons: ahhh most of the time too, the reps will replace the item BUT forget to switch of the "Item needs to be returned" trigger. If that happens, just call back and explain. Sometimes they just tell you to ignore that message and assure you that you wont be charged on your card.

Method #5 --- "Return Method / Box method"

You get the label for returns, ship them an empty box, or a few bricks.

Pros: will work, most likely.

Cons: the hassle of the process.

Method #6 --- "Trade-in method"

I haven't tried this one yet. But it looks promising.
Trade-in an item for money, when you get the shipping address,
Buy something off of ebay. Send it to amazon address.

Pros: might work

Cons: haven't really tried.


Method #7 --- "Liquid leak method"

Personally, I think this method is shit. Say you ordered 2 items, a nail polish, or alcohol, etc. And the other one, electronic gadget. Then say the liquid leaked and broke the electronic gadget. say xbox or kindle etc.

THE REP WILL ASK YOU TO RETURN THE ITEM. So I don't know but its not worth trying this.

Pros: by luck you will succeed.

Cons: everything


Method #8 --- "Acid leak method"

This has been patched already [with exception] and the rep will ask you to return the xbox, ps4 or anything that has battery. Once you say you threw it out, they will refuse to refund you unless you talk to a supervisor and ask for exception. The only way this would work is when you say your kid opened the packaged and tasted the battery acid. Tell them he is in the hospital now and you are really pissed off. Tell them you already threw the item away and you demand for the refund and if possible for the damages.

Pros: with the exception its good, just make you story straight

Cons: if you don't do it properly, you're screwed.



MOST orders in Amazon.com that are more than 3 months ago will have their tracking removed. That's right. You usually see a "Track Package" in an orange button beside the order in the orders page. But that is removed if its made after 3 months or 6 months. USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!

Note that there are TWO kinds of SEing here:
Internal - which the blame would be on the warehouse of amazon
External - the blame would be on the CARRIER (UPS, FEDEX, USPS etc)

and UNLESS you want an ANGRY DELIVERY MAN knocking down your door and beating the shit out of you, ALWAYS put the blame on Amazon, not the carrier.

When you SE, always try your best to have a great relationship with the carrier in your place. Delivery men also work hard to earn money and feed their family. STUPID SKID refunders/ SE'rs who put the blame on the carriers should not be allowed to SE. Delivery guys lose their jobs after a couple of reports saying the package was tampered. So please do not do that. You are a Social Engineer, not a scam artist. BIG DIFFERENCE.


Be creative. Do not use the same methods again and again. Use different methods and reasons relative to the order.

If it is signed by you when you receive it, of course you cant say you didn't receive the package.


If an order is made a long time ago, you can't always say you were in prison or you were in a hospital when you made lots of orders after that.

Personally I tell them "I order things for my company, and upon checking the inventory listing, I noticed that we haven't really received this order. can you please help me out with this, once I pass this report to my boss and he sees this I will get fired from my job"
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How To SCAM On LocalBitcoins.Com

Basic Level:

-Localbitcoins Account with email access (The more feedback the more you will make and the easier this will be)

-Put up to $550 worth of bitcoin into your localbitcoins account

-Make a listing for moneypak/vanilla reload and make sure your rate is the best rate
(Make the trade minimum whatever you want, and the maximum 510. Because moneypaks only go up to $500, and for this scam you only have time to get the 1 moneypak)

-When someone opens a trade with you message them something along the lines of "Message me the picture of the code and receipt I will log into my paypal/get my 
pre-paid card"

-After you have messaged them that copy paste this or something similar into your chat and send it IMMEDIATELY AFTER they send you the picture of the receipt and code
(The closer you can send it to their message the better)

"Hey WAIT don't send the code. I just logged into my paypal and it says it's limited. I have no idea what that means. I'm going to call them. Not sure how to fix this
but it says I can't add or withdraw funds and that I need to verify a bunch of information and my identity and stuff. Sorry I don't think I'm going to be able to 
trade. Can you please cancel this"

-QUICKLY redeem the code

-Disable all your ads so nobody can open trades up with you and lock your coins now

-Block the user who just cancelled the trade with you

-Withdraw your bitcoins

-Create new LBC account and repeat

This works best with accounts with feedback. Sometimes people are cautious about cancelling a trade once they have given you a code.. I rarely run into that using 
accounts with boosted feedback.


You do the same as the above method EXCEPT:

-Instead of redeeming the moneypak yourself, you send the pictures and code to another person selling bitcoins for moneypak

-You then get coins for the moneypak code and can withdraw them instantly

-Cashout instant and anonymously into coins


- Load your account with $550. Make your moneypack trade minimum $300. Then everybody you scam will be at least $300..

I know this seems easy but you will most likely clear $1500 your first day with moneypaks doing this.. You won't believe how easy this is or how many people you will scam. 

The first time I created this method I stayed up for 48 hours straight and flipped over $3,000 in moneypaks. 

***Practice your social engineering and change up what you say with people and modify it to fit the situation. Always take the authoritative stance and try to control the situation. It sucks getting your coins locked up if you can't get someone to cancel, so make sure you practice or don't do high amounts of coin until you are comfortable.***

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