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Hello friends, hope you all are fine and having fun. Today, I am going to share a new kind of tutorial, which is about online earning. We all know that engineering students are rich with knowledge but they are not much well with earning while studying so I have thought a bit on this issue and finally I decided to share some topics using which one can earn online quite easily. Before going into details, I wanna clear one thing that it won’t be that much but still it will be enough to spend a month. So, follow all my tutorials carefully and if you follow them step by step then I am sure that you can earn big. Moreover, you should also have a look at this new Tutorial2: Earn with PrimeDice , its another great site through which you can earn BTC.

So, let’s move on to our today’s earning trick. First of all, I want you to have a quick look at bitcoin, which is a digital currency and it worth quite a lot. One bitcoin is equal to around 400$ so you can have the idea how much does it cost. So, today I am gonna share a trick using which you can earn really big money but don’t need to get rushy because slow and steady wins the race.

Earn with Freebitco.in

 Its a great site from where you can earn bitcoins quite easily and hourly.
It gives you 0.00000519 BTC every hour, which is quite low but you can earn big from it by playing a game which is Multiply BTC.
So, first of all, create an account on this freebitco.in site by clicking here.
After that Claim your free BTC every hour.
Don’t play this game yet as its not worth it.
Keep on getting free BTC unless you got around 0.00015000 BTC or more.
Now the real fun begins, now simply click on Multiply BTC game. It will look like as shown in below figure:

In this game, hit the Auto Bet and then click on ON Lose.
In ON LOSE, tick the second option which says, increase bet by and make it 100%.
One more thing to change is BET ODDS, make it 3 instead of 2.
Now hit the Start Auto Bet button and let the game begin.
You are gonna win BTC, its a slow process but its free. 🙂
So, that’s all for tutorial one and I hope you got something out of it. I will come with more exciting earning tricks soon.

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Hack2wwworld Telegram Group

Telegram Download Link :- https://desktop.telegram.org/

Hack2wwworld Telegram Hack Group :- https://t.me/hack2wwworld

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Make Money With Yobit And Telegram

Yobit is a cryptocurrency exchange that operates out of Russia that was first launched in 2015. Since then it has become somewhat of a home to many of the less well-known altcoins that have had trouble being accepted onto some of the more popular and larger exchanges.


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Tooling that automates your social media interactions to collect posts, photos, videos, friends, followers and much more on Facebook.

A bot which scrapes almost everything about a facebook user's profile including
  • uploaded photos
  • tagged photos
  • videos
  • friends list and their profile photos (including Followers, Following, Work Friends, College Friends etc)
  • and all public posts/statuses available on the user's timeline.

The best thing about this scraper is that the data is scraped in an organized format so that it can be used for educational/research purpose by researchers. Moreover, this scraper does not use Facebook's Graph API so there are no rate limiting issues as such.
This tool is being used by thousands of developers weekly and we are pretty amazed at this response! Thankyou guys!
For details regarding citing/referencing this tool for your research, check the 'Citation' section below.

At its core, this tool uses xpaths of 'divs' to extract data from them. Since Facebook keeps on updating its site frequently and the 'divs' get changed. Consequently, we have to update the divs accordingly to correctly scrape the data.
The developers of this tool have devoted a lot of time and effort in developing and most importantly maintaining this tool for quite a lot time now. In order to keep this amazing tool alive, we need support from you geeks.
The code is pretty intuitive and easy to understand, so you can update the relevant xpaths in the code when you feel that you have tried many profiles and the data isn't being scraped for any of them (that's a hint that Facebook has updated their site) and generate a pull request. That's quite an easy thing to do. Thanks!




You will need to install latest version of Google Chrome. Moreover, you need to install selenium module as well using
pip install selenium
Run the code using Python 3. Also, the code is multi-platform and is tested on both Windows and Linux. The tool uses latest version of Chrome Web Driver. I have placed the webdriver along with the code but if that version doesn't work then replace the chrome web driver with the latest one.

How to Run
There's a file named "input.txt". You can add as many profiles as you want in the following format with each link on a new line:
Make sure the link only contains the username or id number at the end and not any other stuff. Make sure its in the format mentioned above.
Note: There are two modes to download Friends Profile Pics and the user's Photos: Large Size and Small Size. You can change the following variables. By default they are set to Small Sized Pics because its really quick while Large Size Mode takes time depending on the number of pictures to download
# whether to download the full image or its thumbnail (small size)
# if small size is True then it will be very quick else if its False then it will open each photo to download it
# and it will take much more time
friends_small_size = True
photos_small_size = True


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Dualmine - Multiply your Bitcoin

Dualmine.com Multiple your Bitcoin & Ethereum

Make money with your browser ;)

come join us 


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Welcome to the TL-BOTS repo. This collection contains source files, tools, and other components of a vast array of botnet families. The families covered here range from 2014/2015 to the present day.

Files in this collection have been gathered via distributed trawling of the internet, and deduplicated where applicable.

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Get Free Gmail Accounts

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SMS Flooder on Mobile

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Web Application Security Scanner - WAscan

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Falcon Keylogger - Cracked

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