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Private Carding - Doxing - Banking - Cashouts - Proxy - Tutorials And Methods

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12 Carding Tips

1. You never ever, use card more then 1.5k, mainly because most cards, assuming mastercard/visa, don***65533;t have more then 1.5k in them, even if they do, credit card companies are usually called up before the transaction goes through, and the result is, your finished.

2. The second rules in carding, is the make sure you hide yourself well enough to make sure no one ever can find you. My personal recommendation is that you use a proxy (socks is ideal, never use transparent). VPN is not really recommended, read below for more info.

3. It is STRONGLY advised that you read the law in your country regarding cyber crimes, so you know what happens to you, incase you get caught, how to deal with the situation.
4. Use your brain when you card. Its simple, when you card, buy small items, don't buy big. Think about it, which nutcracker would hire a lawyer, run all over the world, chasing you just for a 150 USD package? The cost is of hiring a lawyer for a trial is already much more then his law. Lesson here, buy small, sell big in your country. Convert Virtual cash to REAL cash.

5. Which period of the month is it best to card at? For me, its the middle of every month. Simple, most CC owners, get their financial papers at the 1st of every month. I find a good date is 15-16-17

6. Do not buy anything that has to be delivered to your house. If you do, and the card gets reported, you will get in major trouble.
If you do decide to order something, send it to a neighbor, or someone who is out of town. I suggest purchasing overnight so you are not waiting and there's a chance someone comes home or whatever else.

7. The best items to buy online with any CC, is stuff that does not have to be delivered, such as VIP, site access, or other similar material. This works well because you cannot be traced to an address. However, if you continue to use the site, make sure you use a CGI or PHP proxy, which most sites, and forums will allow, just not to make the purchase.

8. Do not use your ISP's e-mail for any orders. Such as:

9. The key to using fraud CC's, is don't get caught. Don't open your big mouth about carding, if you do, good luck.

10. Do not create any payment gateway accounts with fraud CCs, it will alert the CC Owner due to many security processes and verification of the card, you will most likely FAIL to complete it, and the card owner will be notified.

11. If you intend to do money laundering, get yourself some buyers first, buy the items they want with your fraud CC, ask them to pay you via egold. Why egold? Cuz there***65533;s no charge back

12.Remember not all credit cards you get are meant for online transactions some are only for atm purposes.


1) Get a proxy near the country of the CC owner itself

2) Offer to verify yourself, by getting a phone spoofing account
                                        GOOD LUCK
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Carding Terminology

Carding Terms/Words
--CC's that start with number 3xxxx--xxxx--xxxx--xxxx are AMEX and
their cvv2 is with 4 digits (some RARE times with 3)
--CC's that start with number 4xxx--xxxx--xxxx--xxxx are VISA and their cvvvv2 is with 3
--CC's that start with number 5xxx--xxxx--xxxx--xxxx are MasterCard and their cvvvv2 is
with 3 digits
--CC's that start with number 6xxx--xxxx--xxxx--xxxx are Discover(or Novus) and their
cvv2 is with 3 digits (some RARE times with 4)
Bank--emittent ((Issuing bank)) -- bank which has issued the card
Billing address -- the card owner address
Drop -- inner man.. His task is to receive the money or goods and,, accordingly,, to give
the part of the earnings to you..
Billing -- office,, which has agreement with a bank.. Also this office assumes payments
for the cards..
Card bill -- it's a Bank emitent card bill..
Bank--enquir - bank,, in which the store opens the account..
Merchant account -- bank account for accepting credit cards.

B Merchant Bank -- bank,, through which occur the payments between the buyer and the
salesman ((frequently it is used as synonym ""bank--equirer")..
Cardholder -- owner of the card..
Validity -- suitability card using..
White plastic -- a piece off The pure plastic,, where the information is plotted..
CR--80 -- rectangular piece of pure white plastic ((without the drawing image)) with the
size of a credit card with the magnetic strip..
Transaction -- charge to the credit card
POS terminal ((Point Of Sale terminal)) -- reading card device,, which stands at
commercial point..
PIN--code -- the sequence,, which consists of 4-12 numbers.. It is known only to the
owner of card.. By simple words password for the work with ATM and so on..
AVS -- the card owner address checking.. It is used for the confirmation of the card
belonging exactly to its holder.
"Globe" -- card holographic gluing with the image of two hemispheres (MasterCard)..
Pigeon (hen) -- card holographic gluing with the image off the flying pigeon (VISA)..
Reader -- information reading device for the readout from the magnetic strip off card..
Encoder -- read/write device for the magnetic track of the card..
Embosser -- card symbol extrusion device..
Card printer -- card information printing device. -- card validity period..
Area code - the first of 3 or 6 numbers of the card owner phone.
CVV2,, cvv,cvn 3 - 4 additional numbers,which stand at the end off the number of
ePlus -- program for checking the cards..
BIN -- first 6 numbers of the card number due to those it is possible to learn what bank
issued out the card and what is the type of this card (ATM--card,, credit, gold,, etc.)
Synonym of word "Prefix"..
Chargeback -- the cardholder's bank voids the removal of money from its card..
Dump -- information,, which is written to the magnetic strip of the card,, itt consists of
1,2 or 3 tracks..
Track ((rroad)) -- a part of the dump with the specific information.. Every 1st track is the
information about the owner of the card, 2-nd track -- information about the owner of
card,, about the bank issued the card,, etc.. 3-rd track -- it is possible to say - spare,, it is
used by stores for the addition of the points and other..
Slip -- synonym to the word "cheque" (conformably to card settlings)..
Card balance -- money sum that finding on the card account..
MMN Mothers Maiden Name, important if you want to change the billing address
some terms:
Automated Clearing House ((ACH)) -- the automated clearing house.. The voluntary
association of depositors,, which achieves clearing of checks and units by
the direct exchange of means between the members of association..
Continuous Acquisition and Life--cycle Support (CALS) - the integrated system of the
production guaranteeing,, purchase and exploitation.. This system makes possible to
computerize all data about the design,, development,, production,, servicing and the
propagation of the production..
Debit Card -- Card,, which resembles the credit card by the method of using,, but making
possible to realize direct buyer account debiting at the moment of the purchase of
goods or service.
Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) - the system ff calculations in the operations with the
valuable papers,, which ensures the mechanism,, which guarantees that the delivery will
occur only in the case of payment and at the moment of payment..
Direct debit -- payment levy method,, mainly,, with the repetitive nature (lease pay,, insurance reward,, etc.) with which the debitor authorizes his financial establishment to
debiit his current account when obtaining of calculation on payment from the indicated
Electronic Fund Transfer ((EFT)) -- the remittance of means,, initiated from the terminal,
telephone or magnetic carrier (tape or diskette),, by transfer of instructions or
authorities to financial establishment,, that concern to the debiting or crediting of the
account (see Electronic Fund Transfer/Point of Sale -- EFT/POS)..
Electronic Fund Transfer/Point of Sale -- EFT//POS -- debiting from the electronic
terminal, for the means transfer purpose from the account of a buyer into the payment
on the obligations, which arose in the course of transaction at the point of sale.
Integrated Circuit (IC) Carrd - It is known also as chip card.. Card equipped with one
either several computer micros--chip or integrated microcircuits for identification and
storing of data or their special treatment,, utilized for the establishments of the
authenticity of personal identification number (PIN),, for delivery of permission for the
purchase,, account balance checking and storing the personal records.. In certain
cases,, the card memory renewal during each use (renewed account balance).
Internet - the open world communication infrastructure,, which consists of the
interrelated computer networks and which provides access to the remote information
and information exchange between the computers..
International standardization Organization ((IISO)) -- International organization,, which
carries out standardization,, with the staff office in Geneva,, Switzerland..
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ((MICR)) -- System,, which ensures the machine
reading of the information,, substituted by magnetic inks in the lower part of the check,
including the number of check,, the code of department,, sum and the number of
RSA -- the coding and authentication technology, developed in 1977 in MIT by Rivest,,
Shamir and Adel'man,, which subsequently opened their own company RSA Data
Sechurity,, Inc..,, purchased recently by the company Security Dynamics Technologies,,
Real--Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) -- the payment method,, with which the transfer of
in means is achieved for each transaction in obtaining of instructions about the payment..
Decrease the risk with the payment..
SSN ((Social Security Number) - nine-digit number issued in US only to an individual.
Its primary purpose is to track individuals for taxation purposes.
Smart Card -- card equipped with integrated circuit and microprocessor,, capable to
carrying out the calculation.
System risk -- the risk,, with which the incapacity of one of the payment system
participants either financial market participants as a whole to fulfill their obligation
causes the incapacity of other participants or financial establishments to fulfill its
obligations (including obligations regarding the realization of calculations in means
transfer systems) properly.This failure can cause significant liquidity or crediting
problems and, as result, it can cause loss to the stability of financial markets (with the
subsequent action on the level of economic activity)..
Truncation - procedure, which makes it possible to limit the physical displacements of
a paper document,, in the ideal version, by the bank of the first presentation, by the
replacement by electronics transfer of entire or part of the information, which is
contained on this document (check).
Tiper -- a machine designed for use with PVC plastic cards to create raised print.
(basically a plastic card embosser)
COB -- Change of billing.. Used for online carding,, to change the billing address of a
card since Online stores will only ship large items if the billing and shipping address
match.. You can obtain these from vendors in CP.. Once you have this, you can easily
change the card address to that of your drop so that the stores ship items to your
drop,, since the billing and shipping addresses will match..
DOB -- Date of birth of the card owner
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Credit Card to BTC

 Back In Town With a Working CC to BTC Method

    All you need is a CC as well as a anonymous connection. Use matching SOCKS and fake an email-account at or GMAIL. Don't use AOL as following verification mails won't arrive there. Then head over to and register an account. With your e-mail verified you can buy BTC worth up to $50. For a higher starting limit you can verify a mobile number with a burner phone.

    If you don't have strong CC then go to google for find some high bins, (look for these bins, they have the most success) ( 426690, 438857, 549104, 539655, 517805 )

    If you don't have any burner phone you can go to Create an premium account and card some balance to purchase online numbers for SMS receival.

    Then click buy BTC and choose an offer which is not located in your country (best results on first purchase when staying below $40). Accept it, then click on "Purchase wishlist". You will be redirected to Amazon where you follow the order process by registering a new account with the card holders's ID and your faked e-mail account. Buy the item as a gift and let it being shippied to the gift address attached by Purse.

    Pay with your CC of course
    Now copy the order number, paste it on Purse and it's done. You need some luck and only two or three accounts out of ten will work but it's small work done in minutes. If the item gets shipped by Amazon you will receive the BTC on Purse from where you can withdraw'em anywhere you want as soon as the item has been delivered. Just contact the spender to release on arrival.

    For a better overview note down on which dates the items should arrive. On arrival date log into purse: If the BTC haven't been released visit Amazon and check delivery status. If you can't log in, the account has been suspended otherwise contact the spender if the status says "delivered".

    After your first transaction have been finished successfully, feel free to start a second purchase with a higher amount. I've experienced that some CC will work for up to five transactions depending on their limits and any cashouts done before using Purse.

    Don't waste your time trying to verify that you're the card holder if Amazon interrupts the ordering process - they just try to track you. Delete the account info but never log in again if you receive any other information by mail than a dispatch confirmation.
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Credit Card Bins

BIN selection Tutorial
OK guys, here it is. Sorry it took me awhile but these days I am a busy man.. This is
kinda a quick draft, and when I think some more I will add to it.. If you have something
to add please do! If you have something you disagree with then keep it to yourself I dont care, this is from 6 years of instore experience.. Enjoy!
So your trying to make your in store better, your getting what you think is shitty dumps,,
or just starting out.
For whatever your reason for reading this,, your in store all starts with you.. Some will be
very sad when they hear that there is no magic way to find a great bin, and when you
do find those great bins chances are the supply is limited and you will have to move on
to new ones.The only way to keep your success rate high iss to do much research into
the bank in which your are looking to purchase bins of..
1. Finding Local Bins
OK,, so this is where a lot of people are confused. It is necessary to use a LOCAL bin in
most cases to have success.. You see ALL banks have fraud detection methods to
keep there users safe. Some more sophisticated than others, mostly in general banks
are looking for patterns in spending and location. What I mean is if the owner of the
dump, only uses there card in Kentucky,, and you try using it in New York,, this is gonna
raise a big flag to the bank.. So,, we must find bins in which are local to our area which we
will be working..
Now your saying, ok well how do I do that? Here are some great methods
A. Look in your wallet! This is great because you know exactly how your dump will
perform. If you can go buy a 4K lapy without a problem,, chances are this bin will
perform the same! But sometimes not, and I will go into more detail a little later on that.
B.. Search for list of local banks.. Google is your buddy even while searching bins for
If this is your first visit,, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You
may have to register before you can post:: click the register link above to proceed. To
start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection

in-storing! :-) Try this in Google "Kentucky Credit Unions" I would bet you will find a
page with a list of most the credit unions in your state, and a nifty link to there site!
Now,, take your bin list [available on this board] and find the bin numbers that
correspond to your local credit unions.. Make a list of this and save it.. Were gonna use it
C.. Old CVV or CC's! Ok so I think a lot of people don't know this,, a BIN number not only
tells you what bank it belongs to,, but WHERE it is located. So,, if bin 414705 is owned
by a person in New York then most every person from that bin is located there as well!
So go find some old cc,, or buy new ones and search as many bins you can find from
your state.. Add them to your list, make sure to include the name of the bank,, not just
BIN number..
Now you have made this huge list of bins you are sure are local to you cause you
followed User123's tips to a T. Now the fun part! You must research each bin
extensively, I want you to go to the websites and find out as much ass you can about the
bins.. Here is some things you want to look for:
A.. Very High Credit Limits! Banks that offer huge limits,, will give you better success.
This is because with a 100K limit,, 2K on a swipe just isn't that much
B.. Credit Unions, while there bins are mostly hard to find, have lower security!
C.. Look for banks which offer Very low interest/no interest and other rewards for spending
money.. if a user chooses a bank with low interest/no interest and other rewards they
most likely choose this bank because they are actually going to be using the card.. The
more activity on the card the less likely the card will be flagged,, like I said earlier,,
banks look for patterns.. One thing that will cause a decline or CFA is the card holder
has not used there card for a year and all the sudden is trying to spend 2K.. This is not
the users normal pattern,, and will cause a red flag. So to sum it up,, bins which have
more activity, will work better.
You can find much of this out just from visiting there website,, or if you are really
having trouble and a bank looks promising but there not posting the info, Call them!
They will be more than happy to tell you all about them, use common sense and don't
ask stupid questions.. Make sure you play the part of a customer unless you want to
get hung up on..
3.. Tips
A.. So you had one dump from the 10 you bought of the same bin perform great,, but
the rest sucked. Look at the numbers,, try to buy only this bin that expires in same year
as the one that worked, so if it expired in 2010 try to get some with the same.. Look at
the 7th number, if first 7 are 4325679 and none of the other that sucked have that 7th
number,, buy the ones that do..
B.. Stay away from Federal Credit Unions,, in my experience,, they suck....
C.. All dumps can perform different,, some you must use for one large swipe.. And that
all you will get.. Some if you buy a few small things, and then make a big swipe will
work great.. Some you will buy something small and its dead.. You must experiment,
once you find promising looking dumps,, if they not working like you think they should
try different purchasing methods..
E.. Time of the year effects dumps,, during big spending holidays,, dumps will work
incredible.. This is because the card users are active, the banks expect users to be
F.. Vendors with fresh bases are better, it means the cards are more active recently..
G.. Small Banks almost always work better than large banks, less card holders means
chances of getting active cards are better.
H.. If you found this tut useful, and your feeling giving don't be afraid to hook your boy
up with something!
Happy Shopping!
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Coinizy - Online Virtual Credit Card

Online shopping for everyone.

Get your virtual VISA© debit card for 0.5$, in 10 seconds.

Buy and load your card using the cash payment methods you like the most.

Worldwide availability

The card can be issued in 130 countries
Our cards can be bought from 130 countries
... and then used everywhere.

  • PayPal Compatible
  • Verify your PayPal account or use your card as a funding method when paying using PayPal.

  • No identification required
  • We do not need any Identity documents (KYC) until you deposit more than $2500 to your card.

  • Cross-platforms
  • Web panel, iOS and Android apps: Keep your Coinizy card with you, wherever you are.

  • 99,99% merchant acceptance
  • Amazon, AliExpress, Uber... You name it. Your card can be used anywhere VISA© is accepted.


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BTC Bruter & Checker 2017

1st :- Open Updater.exe For New Updates
2nd :- Open BTCeBrute.exe
3rd :-  Enjoy Cracking


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Free Grab SSL Socks Proxy For Windows And Linux

Free Grab SSL Socks Proxy


1 :- First Update The Server (its take little time)
2 :- SSL Proxy Grabber
3 :- Proxy Checker
4 :- Enjoy the Proxy :)

Online Proxy Checker :-

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