Credit Card to BTC

 Back In Town With a Working CC to BTC Method

    All you need is a CC as well as a anonymous connection. Use matching SOCKS and fake an email-account at or GMAIL. Don't use AOL as following verification mails won't arrive there. Then head over to and register an account. With your e-mail verified you can buy BTC worth up to $50. For a higher starting limit you can verify a mobile number with a burner phone.

    If you don't have strong CC then go to google for find some high bins, (look for these bins, they have the most success) ( 426690, 438857, 549104, 539655, 517805 )

    If you don't have any burner phone you can go to Create an premium account and card some balance to purchase online numbers for SMS receival.

    Then click buy BTC and choose an offer which is not located in your country (best results on first purchase when staying below $40). Accept it, then click on "Purchase wishlist". You will be redirected to Amazon where you follow the order process by registering a new account with the card holders's ID and your faked e-mail account. Buy the item as a gift and let it being shippied to the gift address attached by Purse.

    Pay with your CC of course
    Now copy the order number, paste it on Purse and it's done. You need some luck and only two or three accounts out of ten will work but it's small work done in minutes. If the item gets shipped by Amazon you will receive the BTC on Purse from where you can withdraw'em anywhere you want as soon as the item has been delivered. Just contact the spender to release on arrival.

    For a better overview note down on which dates the items should arrive. On arrival date log into purse: If the BTC haven't been released visit Amazon and check delivery status. If you can't log in, the account has been suspended otherwise contact the spender if the status says "delivered".

    After your first transaction have been finished successfully, feel free to start a second purchase with a higher amount. I've experienced that some CC will work for up to five transactions depending on their limits and any cashouts done before using Purse.

    Don't waste your time trying to verify that you're the card holder if Amazon interrupts the ordering process - they just try to track you. Delete the account info but never log in again if you receive any other information by mail than a dispatch confirmation.


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